FAQs - Purchases & Licenses

PolygonSheep products never go on sale so everyone pays the same fair price. However, there is an intro period with a discount when new products are released. 

If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses of a product for an educational environment please contact us. 

Each license is for a single user. You may install the license on each computer you own and are the sole user.

You may not install on a public computer used by others.

Please log in to the Members section to see your serial numbers and to download the latest versions of the software.

Purchases made directly from PolygonSheep can be sold / transferred after owning the product for 3 months. Licenses can only be transferred once, and will be marked NFR ("not for resale") after the first transfer.

If you are purchasing second hand from another user, please be aware the software will be marked NFR and cannot be sold / transferred again. 

Stealth Delay uses a simple registration key for validation. It does not require your computer to be connected to the internet. You will receive the registration key in an email after purchase and you can always access your key by logging in to the members section.